Educational Insights Geosafari Motorized Solar System Science Kit

It’s 2-in-1 fun with the GeoSafari Motorized Solar System, complete with 8 planets, the sun, star dome, and Earth’s moon! Set up the solar system to see Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars rotating slightly faster than Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, just like they do in space. Turn off the lights and project a planetarium-style star show on the ceiling for the ultimate in-room space experience! Includes a night-light with an auto shut-off feature and guidebook packed with facts for curious explorers!Encourage your little astronomer to explore the solar system with this motorized model that includes the sun, 8 planets, and the earth’s moon
Includes a bright LED sun dome with auto shut-off night-light feature
Use the included star dome to project constellations onto your walls and ceiling
Includes a full-color, 28-page guide that explains the mythical origins of each constellation
Inner and outer planets move at 2 different speeds to more realistically replicate the planets’ movement around the sun
Supports STEM: Observe & explore planet rotation and planet properties

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