XMCOSY Solar Garden Lights – Pathway Lights Outdoor (4 Pack), IP65 Waterproof Glass Cover, 8-10 Hours Long Lighting Time, 40 Lumens Warm White Light for Garden, Path, Yard and Walkway

What are the benefits of having solar garden lights?
If you want to illuminate and decorate your garden without having to increase your electricity bills.
Then solar lights are the best choice. Had I known that there is a free option to light up my own garden.
I would have bought some solar lights in a heartbeat!

XMCOSY solar pathway lights aren’t just for your garden. They are very versatile.
You can place them anywhere outdoors and you can even use them for outdoor activities such as camping and hiking.

What features do you need for solar garden lights?

1.The brightness of the light.
Taking into account the different usage environments and scenarios of the customers.
The brightness of the XMCOSY solar garden light can be adjusted between 10-40 lumens, Knob-style adjusters are designed to best meet your needs.

2.Thinking about the batteries in the solar light?

XMCOSY solar pathway light will never let you down.
The 600 mAh large capacity rechargeable lithium battery provides powerful power support for garden lights.
Keeping lighting your garden and courtyard for a whole night.

3.Unique bronze appearance design.
In addition to providing you with consistently good lighting.
The XMCOSY solar pathway light also takes into account the decorative and aesthetics of the garden lights. Make your garden livelier and more interesting.

Solar panel: 1 piece of 2.4*2.4 inches laminated monocrystalline silicon
Product size: 5.5*5.5*19.5 inches (including ground insertion)
Light body color: electroplated bronze
Material: stainless steel + glass lampshade + aluminum ground insert
Shade material: glass lampshade
Accessories: a stainless steel rod, aluminum ground insert
LED: anti-tungsten bulb glass lampshade
Installation method: inserting the ground
Switch: dimmable switch
【ECO-FRIENDLY, SOLAR POWERED 360° ILLUMINATION】 All working energy comes from solar energy, and recycled energy reduces environmental pollution and without having to increase your electricity bills. Guarantee to continue working for a whole night. The long strip of LED filament with a polyhedral transparent glass shade gives a 360° radial light effect. Excellent combination of product decoration and practicality.
【AUTO-ON/OFF SWITCH SENSING SAVES MORE ENERGY】 2.4 * 2.4-inch large-area solar panels, covered with monocrystalline silicon. Increase the range of solar illumination to ensure more solar energy absorption and utilization. Automatically sense changes in the brightness of the surrounding environment. It automatically turns on the lighting in dark environments and automatically turns off in bright environments. Don’t worry about the wasting of resources.
【EASY TO INSTALL WITHIN ONLY THREE COMPONENTS】 Simply connect the Solar Lid, Mounting Rod, Ground Spike to complete the installation and get started. Eliminate cumbersome and complicated installation operations. Unlike ordinary plastic plugs, our products use aluminum pointed plugs that are rigid and durable enough. It can be placed in anywhere. Not only for garden, you can even use them for outdoor activities.
【BRIGHTLY ADJUSTABLE WARM WHITE LED FILAMENT】 There is a knob-type brightness adjustment on the switch panel, and the brightness can be adjusted to a range of 10-40 lumens. The most suitable brightness can be selected flexibility according to different usage requirements and usage environment.
【WATERPROOF & DUSTPROOF, STRONG & STURDY MATERIAL】The main components of the lamp are made of Stainless Steel and Plexiglas to ensure durability and are not easily damaged. The perfect sealing design and IP65 waterproof level can better cope with various complex outdoor environments. No worry about the battery will short circuit in rainy weather and the LED filament will be polluted by dust and cause insufficient illumination. Absolutely can be used in any complex outdoor environment.

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